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Self-expression and mood-boosting designs have proven to be a winning pair for Australian luxury sock label, MADMIA. MADMIA is a playfully crazy, vividly colourful and unique sock company who specialise in inimitable knee-high socks and accessories.
Founded by Tanja Filipovska, MADMIA has created a revelatory fashion movement among young — and young at heart — consumers, thanks to their dopamine-inducing designs.
Cleverly intersecting the fashion and collectables markets, socks are far from simple for Gen Alpha with the style-it-yourself designs made to be mixed and mismatched.

Featuring a riot of colours and unique patterns and embellished with ears, wings and ribbons, each style is knitted — not printed — and can take up to six factories to assemble, with an emphasis on longevity and quality.
Filipovska known as MADMIA, says she was determined to challenge the cookie-cutter kids wear market in favour of fierce creativity and self-expression.

“I wanted to create a brand that provided a burst of colour in an otherwise sea of grey,”

Filipovska, who is quickly establishing herself as an entrepreneur-to-watch thanks to her innate commercial sensibility, says the global pandemic accelerated a swing among consumers towards brands and products that align with their values of enduring quality, authenticity, community and optimism.

“Young people today view self-expression as a vital form of self-care, and I am passionate about giving them an affordable fashion option to express themselves confidently into the world,” Filipovska says of the socks, which range in size from ages one to 99.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

MADMIA was formed in 2016 when MADMIA had a thought. She realised that there was a lack of excitement in the socks we wear each day! Knee high socks were not readily available, and she thought people needed a little something to make every day magical! MADMIA noticed that she kept losing one sock in a pair, she thought hmmm, wearing two of the same socks can be boring- Why not mix and match with a sock collection that means you will never ever have an odd sock.

With these thoughts MADMIA was born- Filipovska wanted to inspire creativity and give people the confidence to be completely and totally their wonderful selves. Expressing individuality is what we do, and crazy socks are how we do it.
‘Let sun beams shine from the inside out, from your toes up! ‘ – she says.

What’s MADMIA passion and drive in business?

MADMIA’s passion is building a brand that brings children and people an incredible feeling of happiness and allows them to be creative, empowered and have a sense of self-expression. She is driven to share this with as many customers across the world and build a truly global brand that continues to inspire and make people happy. What drives her s the positive feedback from numerous parents and grandparents explaining how MADMIA has helped their children grow more confident and comfortable to express themselves.

Even though the products were initially intended for kids, MADMIA has also had a lot of demand from many adults. Particularly those that work in aged care, hospitals, and day cares, as they say it brings them & everyone who sees them a lot of happiness and brightens their world.

The Price

MADMIA whacky and wonderful crazy socks are also made from 70% natural products, again of the highest quality. We source the laces from a speciality lace company, the attachable toys from a toy factory and even the bendable ears are sourced from a speciality bunny ear company, making MADMIA socks the highest quality, longest lasting and fabulous luxury socks on the market. MADMIA Socks are a luxury footwear accessory brand not just a socks brand.

Transforming Lives

The most special aspects of MADMIA is the joy and wonder we bring to children’s lives. MADMIA’s mission is to build self-esteem, make people happy and help people realise the joy and importance of eccentricity and standing out. MADMIA really allows you to be the rainbow on a cloudy day. One member of our lovely MADMIA family is Julie. Julie wrote to us and told us that she was struggling with some nasty bullies and feelings of insecurity at school. Upon wearing MADMIA’s silly socks she had the confidence to strut down the hall and feel totally confident in herself and her unique fabulousness! We love that everyone is different, and these socks aspire to make everyone feel like they can reach for the moon!

The Process

MADMIA socks are a luxury product. Every colour is custom dyed with care and selected with careful consideration. They are produced with a 200-needle machine. This goes beyond even the likes of PRADA! It is the highest quality machine on the market. The socks are produced by our lovely family run organisation with attention to detail you wouldn’t believe; this makes us a brand who strive to be as sustainable and ethically minded as possible.

Women Led

Here at MADMIA, we design, create, manage, market, package, print and run the company with woman. MADMIA is a small family but a strong one. Every pair of socks you purchase is brought to you from our tiny team and we absolutely love and appreciate all of your support!

Our MADMIA Family

We love welcoming new people into our MADMIA family, and we promise that as soon as you have one pair, you will simply have to have more.