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Crazy Adult Socks – Why Kid’s Should Have All Fun?

Be the life of the party with our super cute range of fun adult socks. You can make any day feel like a red-carpet event, showcase your confident style with bold colours, fierce fashion, and gorgeous sparkly flowing tassels on the side. 🌈💕 ...

Crazy Adult Socks – Why Kid’s Should Have All Fun?

Be the life of the party with our super cute range of fun adult socks. You can make any day feel like a red-carpet event, showcase your confident style with bold colours, fierce fashion, and gorgeous sparkly flowing tassels on the side. 🌈💕...


I have seen some cool crazy adult socks on your website that I want to buy, but I want to visit a retail store and buy them in person. Can I do this?

Yes, you can. There are a number of retail stores that stock MADMIA products, which you can choose from there.  But, to avoid possible disappointment regarding the availability of the crazy adult socks, it is best suggested to buy through our website. We also have a dedicated MADMIA showroom in Sydney, and everyone is welcome to visit and purchase directly from our Showroom - located at 2/2A Burrows Rd, St Peters NSW 2044.

Can I Sell MADMIA Fun Adult Socks In My Shop?

Yes, we offer the opportunity to become a retail stockist for our gorgeous range of socks dresses, skirts, shoes and other products. If you are looking to become a wholesaler of our products, please complete the Wholesale Application form and we will get back to you within 48 hours. Alternatively, you can write to us directly to enquiring for fun adult socks and our other products. We are glad to get to know more about you and your business.

How Do I Know About The Novelty Adult Socks Sizes?

For this, you must first click on each image, which will lead you to a description page which contains the size. Our range of the most popular crazy socks designs are ideally sized for kids & teens, but it can fit the ages of 6-99 also. The MADMIA novelty adult socks are bright & bold in cool designs, which are sure to provoke the fun factor, so that you can shine like a star. The description page will detail on the sizes.

Should the Socks Match the Pant or Shoes?

Well, the answer is your socks must neither match your pants or your shoes, unless you’re opting for a monochromatic look. If your socks match your shoes, it might look like you’re wearing boots, while if it matches your pants, it will look like footie pajamas. So, it is better to choose a little contrast Adults Socks with prints and patterns to break up the monotony with colour to look and feel great.

Madmia is all about fun, cool, and crazy socks for both kids and adults. You can use it as your good mood socks, sunny day socks, winter socks, and pair it with anything, and it will turn out to be a perfect complement. You can wear it along with any of your outfit, both causal and formal. Recent research \indicate that adults love to wear crazy socks to their workplaces and boardrooms.

Are crazy adult socks still in style?

If you're looking for socks that have a little crazy in them, then you're in luck. Crazy socks for adults are still totally in style and come in a variety of colours, patterns, and crazy prints. As long as the clothes go with the craziness of the socks, it is usually accepted these days. There are so many styles that there is something out there for everyone!

Our funny socks are not just fashionable; they also offer an incredible amount of comfort. They are made from ultra-soft cotton or wool to keep your feet warm without being too heavy on your feet. Some even have enough support to help prevent foot pain all day long.

How should I wash adult socks?

Not all socks are made of washable materials, and you may need to know what cleaning products to use and how much soap. But don't overthink it! A good rule of thumb is a cold hand wash with extra care with wings and other accessories. Also, make sure you read the label before tossing your adult novelty socks in the washer for the first time - we recommend hand-washing Madmia socks to prevent any possible damage. Madmia is not liable for any damages caused by not following these instructions.

How long does a pair of adult socks last?

The lifespan will depend on how often you wear them and other factors, such as how well you take care of them. Quality is also important in determining how long your socks will last. If they are cheaper because they're made of thinner materials, they'll start falling apart sooner than if they were made of a thicker material.

Madmia’s high-quality fun adult socks have been found to have a long lifespan. Many of our customers have said their socks have lasted longer than expected! Always make sure to purchase quality socks made of premium fabric so you can use them for as long as possible.

How do adult socks protect our feet?

A fresh pair of adults socks can leave your feet feeling refreshed, but do you know what they're really doing for you? By covering your feet, socks also provide a barrier between your skin and the elements. The soft fabric also acts as an “air conditioner” in warmer temperatures, while it insulates and retains heat in cooler environments.

The thin layer of fibres on the skin of your feet provides insulation, so when you step outside into cold weather, warm blood flows to those areas helping keep them warm. And finally, socks act as a protector between nails and shoe leather, which can help prevent any potential damage from contact.

Will adult socks keep my feet warm in winter?

Silly socks for adults provide warmth by trapping air in the weave of the fabric. For example, just like how a well-made winter coat traps heat in and keeps you warm, so do well-made socks. A thin cotton sock will keep your feet warm, while a plush wool one is perfect for those colder days. When looking for an adult sock from Madmia, find ones that fit snugly as this provides insulation. If you have cold feet or toes, you need to wear two pairs of socks at once or try wearing them without shoes.

How do I pick the right size of socks?

The best way to choose the size of your socks is the same as the traditional one size fits all mantra: it should be loose, but not too loose. If your socks are rubbing against your skin uncomfortably, then they are too tight, and you'll want to go with a bigger size. A good gauge for sizing is seeing how much space there is in between your toes when the sock is on. If there's not enough space and you can feel the sock constricting around them, then it's likely time for another size up.

At Madmia, our “one size fits most” is the most popular size. These fun adult socks are suitable for ages 6 - 99. Some socks have limited stretch around larger or muscular calves. For adults, we recommend socks with less busy patterns, such as our Mermaid Socks or Liquorice Bows Socks.

Should I wear matching shoes with my socks?

When it comes to shoes and socks, there are no hard and fast rules. It's all about preference. If you prefer wearing matching shoes with adults socks, then go for it! And if you don't? That's okay too. Just make sure your sock colour coordinates with the colour of your shoe and that they're not a different style. A great way to do this is to match solid colours or simple patterns so they can be mixed and matched seamlessly.

Our cute tribal socks come in three colours, and you can wear them every day too. It also comes with custom made Bows and glitter yarn. Cuteness overloaded! These socks fit adults up to shoe size EU 39 equivalent to women’s size 9 AU.

Liquorice Bows are adorable adult socks that come with large multi-colour polka dots and broad multi-colour stripes pattern. It also has custom made bows attached on the outside of the socks.

So, what are you waiting for? Throw your boring, old socks and pick one of our silly socks for adults to show off your new fashion statement.