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Unique Gifts Australia – The Coolest Gift Ideas for All Occasions

Send a little bit of joy to someone you love! Thinking of birthday gift ideas for parties makes MUM a nutter! But MADMIA is here to help save the day in a whirl, Funky gifts for boys, and cool gifts for the girls ...

Unique Gifts Australia – The Coolest Gift Ideas for All Occasions

Send a little bit of joy to someone you love! Thinking of birthday gift ideas for parties makes MUM a nutter! But MADMIA is here to help save the day in a whirl, Funky gifts for boys, and cool gifts for the girls.


I Am Looking To Gift Someone, Do These Socks Stay Up Well?

Yes, these socks gift are made up of excellent material. These crazy socks are very professional looking and of very high quality, as they are made with finer yet stronger with well-defined graphic details. They could turn out to be the perfect gift choices for your beloved ones to cheer them up on holidays, crazy socks day, anniversary, birthdays, weddings etc. These novelty gifts can be given to anyone as they are available in various sizes.

Do You Ensure The Security Of My Account When Ordering Socks Gift?

When you create an account with MADMIA, you will be asked to provide a password when ordering the socks gift. This is to ensure that you are solely upholding the security of your password. Every time you use the password, you will be asked to authorise the access and use the MADMIA Website according to the Terms & Conditions. You must let know MADMIA immediately, if at any time you believe that someone has accessed your account.

What Are The Socks Gift Pack Offered By MADMIA?

MADMIA creates playful colourful socks with the aim to inspire creativity and truly extraordinary socks to add a stylish look to the feet. MADMIA offers a range of socks gift pack like –  unicorn shoes & 2 socks pack, socks pack – valued at $104.60, glitz n glam socks pack -valued at $120, unicorn socks pack – valued at $109.00, mini pony socks, skatercorn socks with wings, monster socks, flying unicorn socks, happy unicorn socks and much more.

Are The Crazy Socks A Good Christmas Gift?

Gifting socks as a Christmas gift is totally normal and acceptable, and it has been treated as a tradition too. So, treating your loved ones with a pair of funny socks will make them laugh, while they could get something to wear for the New Year and beyond! Though kids prefer to have toys instead of socks on the Christmas Eve, this doesn’t apply to the fun socks, as people get more excited for fun socks. This will turn out to be one of the best Christmas gifts for kids.

Why Our Crazy Socks Make Awesome And Unique Gifts?

Our MADMIA socks are available in varied sizes to snuggly fit the feet even if you are clueless about your loved ones size. With the coolest collection of our free size funny socks online, you just have to select the socks according to the mood and we have the right size for the feet, making it one of the unique gifts Australia. After all, gifting a pair of crazy socks will not break your bank, while it offers warmth and cosiness to the feet.

Socks and skirts and a bunch of fun stuff, there’s so much to choose from, you can never have enough. Mermaids, unicorns, sloths, and spots, the most unique gift idea you will EVER have got

Gifting can be a tricky game, and you always look for something unique, meaningful, and out of the box. Whether you are buying a gift for your friends, family, or for that hard-to-buy-for person in your workplace, we’ve got unique gift ideas for every person and every age.

Looking for the perfect gift for your mum to spoil her this Mother’s Day? Or searching for unique gift ideas to add more fun to your birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day celebrations? Madmia stocks a wide range of funky gifts for boys and cool gifts for girls. Socks, skirts, and a bunch of other fun stuff – everything under one roof. You will never get enough of our unique gift options that encompass unicorn gifts, mermaid gifts, sloths, funky gifts, and more.

Cool Gifts for Kids, Men, and Women

Madmia helps you to take your gift-giving experience to a whole new level of awesomeness. We stock colourful sock gifts and other unique gift items for kids that are under $100. We have it all, and you will never leave your house again to buy gifts for your loved ones.

Our Madmia sock gift box in Australia fits perfectly any two pairs of MADMIA Socks and can also be turned into a Socks Drawer. It’s the perfect gift box for any birthday, Christmas, and other party celebrations and an item to treasure for all Madmia fans around the world.

Madmia is your destination if you are looking for something a bit quirky to spice up your event. We have loads of unusual gifts that allow the magic to rule and make your dream a reality. Don’t leave our ah-mazing socks and other gift options behind.

Why do socks make a great gift?

It’s a no-brainer that socks make great gifts. Who doesn’t love getting new socks in their stocking at Christmas or finding out about the latest sock trend in their daily email newsletter? But why do they make such great birthday gifts, you ask? Here are some reasons why: -
  • They're practical and universal- as long as people wear shoes, they need socks
  • They can be a fashion statement or silly and fun!
  • What better gift than something people will use every day?!
  • Great for kids and adults!
  • Different patterns and colours mean there's something for everyone
Are crazy socks only for women?

Men and women wear crazy socks, as plenty of styles are available for both genders. The classic crazy sock has a seamless, repeating pattern across the whole sock. They are also available in patterns and designs for kids and adults alike. For kids, there are a variety of animal socks they would love to wear all day. For this reason, crazy socks are unique gifts from Australia that they will adore. If you have more questions about our products and don't see a specific pair you need, talk to our experts today.

How do I pick the right size of socks for someone?

One size fits all, for sure! However, keep in mind that most socks are stretchy, so you may need to pull them over your calves for them to fit properly on your foot. One size fits all is a perfect way to buy socks if you're not sure of their shoe size or want a cute stocking stuffer!

The odds of someone having the same shoe size as yours are slim, and if they do have the same shoe size, there's always plenty of room for growth with our elasticity. Our socks also come in sizes suitable for ages 6 to 99. Crazy socks are indeed one of the most unique gift ideas, and if you are buying them for adults, we recommend getting the ones with less busy patterns as they prevent stretch issues.

What are animal socks?

Do you ever feel like socks are just too plain? If you are looking for unique gift ideas, we have got something for you! Animal socks are great for looking stylish and lively. When your personality is so much fun, your feet don't have to look boring! We have all sorts of animal print and patterned socks, and they are all perfect to match one’s footwear with the rest of the outfit!

With fantastic options from cats to pigs and from sharks to rabbits, you're sure to find something that suits the style of your loved ones. What's more perfect than a unicorn gift? Our animal socks don’t just come in one colour. When you are about to buy animal socks for gifting, choose something that matches your recipient’s tastes.

Are crazy socks great for gifting during Christmas?

Yes, of course! After all, socks are one of the most unisex and affordable gifts out there. If you're buying for a guy or gal who is part of the family, we recommend you buy two pairs. This way, they can wear one while they're in pyjamas and the other while they're getting ready for work or school. And don't worry if they already have socks that match their current clothing - groovy socks are meant to express individuality and unique style. They don't need to be practical or conservative!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we offer worldwide shipping with our partners, so your socks gift pack will arrive promptly at your doorstep. Once you have placed an order, you will receive an email confirmation as soon as the product is shipped.

Please note that due to high shipping costs for international orders, we are unable to offer free international shipping. Delivery rates are calculated and added to orders at checkout based on destination. For duties and taxes, the customer is responsible, so please contact your local customs authority if necessary.

How much does shipping cost?

Here are the applicable shipping charges to dispatch a sock gift box in Australia and worldwide:

Australia Wide: A standard flat rate fee per delivery applies for orders below $99. Postage charges are as below:
  • Same Day Delivery - $34.90
  • Express Delivery - $14.90
  • Standard Delivery - $9.90
  • Standard Delivery (Australian Islands and Remote Locations) - $9.90
International: A flat fee applies for all international orders. Charges are as follows:
    • Courier Express Delivery - $99.90
    • Express Delivery - $34.90
    • Registered Post Delivery - $16.90
All prices are in Australian Dollars.Do you have Christmas presents below $50?

Nearly all of our products are under $30, making them the perfect Christmas present for kids. You can buy more than one pair of socks for $50 or get a great deal on our sale page. Our selection of cool children's Christmas presents can help make your children's Christmas bright and happy!

Are you looking for unique secret Santa Christmas gift ideas? All Madmia’s socks are a perfect, memorable, unique and exciting secret Santa gift. Whether for a young girl, boy or adult, we have fun designs for every age and gender.

What are some great socks to gift for a girl’s birthday?

Girls love any colour they can get their hands on, so crazy socks are perfect. Plus, crazy socks will put you in a celebratory mood, which is what birthdays are all about. So grab your craziest pair of socks and make her day! For girls, many of our designs are very popular, especially socks designed for ages 4-12. Popular items include Fluffy Duck Socks, Butterfly Socks, and just about any of our Unicorn designs! If you’d like to gift shoes, the Glitter Butterfly Shoes are a cool birthday present worth considering!

What are the best occasions for gifting socks?

Gifting a pair of socks for a birthday, holiday, or as an engagement present is a great way to show someone that you care without spending a lot of money. Since they're functional and fun, socks make great gifts for the holidays in particular.

People love receiving socks as a gift all year round! Nobody will mind if they get new socks in the wintertime or at their summer birthday party. So feel free to rock out with the sock game anytime you want. And when you give them a pair of crazy socks featuring a unique, playful design, they will appreciate the gift even more!