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Baby Socks

Baby Socks

Irresistibly Cute and Fun Baby Socks

Looking for baby socks with cute prints to keep your baby’s feet nice and cosy? You’ve come to the right place. At Madmia, we offer a wide range of baby girl and boy socks that looks good with any dress...

These socks are made from rich fabric and come with non-slip soles that help your babies take their first steps. When it comes to everyday essentials, you can’t go wrong with our collections. Our baby socks are designed with wear in mind and are flexible to retain their shape well. Bright prints and patterns are preferred for more flamboyant fashion and complement every outfit. The baby boy knee high socks come to your rescue when the weather cools down and provides extra coverage. With the unique designs and pattern with vibrant colours, these socks look and feel more comfortable on your baby’s feet.


What material are MADMIA Baby Socks made from?

Yes, MADMIA’s baby socks are designed specially with 70% Cotton to give a cool look and to keep your baby’s feet comfortable. Also, they are skin tested and found to be 100% safe on your child’s skin. They are cute and comfortable. Moreover these colourful fun socks enhance the sensory development of the baby.

Are the MADMIA Baby Long Socks Durable?

The MADMIA baby long socks are not just durable but also are lightweight. Moreover, the MADMIA Socks brand is stretch resistant and doesn’t shrink.  The graphics used on the socks are imprinted using high quality inks, such that the image quality remains pristine even after several washes and drying.

Can These Baby Socks Be Put In The Washing Machine?

Yes they are machine washable! The MADMIA baby girl and baby boy knee high socks, come in a variety of colours, and they seem to keep up well to all types of washing. All you have to do is, wash on a delicate cycle or use a hand wash. These socks make a colourful, stylish, enduring and cosy gift for your baby girls and boys.

How Do I Choose The Right Baby Socks That Fit My Baby?

A baby’s feet are tiny. So you must take ample care when buying baby socks. Make sure that the socks comfortably fit the baby’s feet, and are not very tight or small. Our Baby MADMIA Socks are designed to comfortably fit for babies aged 1 – 2. You can find the size chart here and choose the right baby socks. You can also make an exchange in a simple way, if the baby sock size doesn’t fit your child.

Is It Okay To Put On MADMIA Socks For My Baby While Sleeping?

Babies have soft and tender skin and an immature thermoregulatory system, which makes it, loose heat fast. So putting on baby socks while sleeping, will keep your baby comfortable.  The MADMIA baby boy and baby girl socks are designed specially with 70% Cotton and are tested to be suitable on the baby skin. Hence it is perfectly okay to put on MADMIA socks for your baby when sleeping.

Best Baby Socks - Hard to Beat Prints and Colours

From Skatercorn baby socks to baby unicorn socks, there is a variety of designs from which you can choose from. If you are looking for gift options, you can buy our Madmia gift pack separately and fill it up with two pairs of cute baby wool socks as it makes the perfect gift for a baby shower, newborn or birthday gift. These socks are specially crafted to be light and support your little one from their very first steps.

We stock Flying Unicorn Baby Socks, Skatecorn Baby Socks, Colour Run Baby Socks, Mini Pony Baby Socks, Sunset Baby Socks, Baby Safari Socks, and Baby Unicorn Socks, all suitable for babies aged one to two only. Sometimes, they fit even a six months old baby.

Shop with us now for a comfortable collection of baby boy and girl socks.