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Kids Socks

Crazy Socks for Kids to Make them Smile

Madmia offers a great variety of crazy kid socks for all kids to have fun with. Our Fun kids socks make your feet way more fun not boring and glum...


I am looking to buy Piggy Socks. Will I Get The Same Colour Fabric as I See On My Monitor?

Actually, there are times when the colour isn’t communicated precisely, as there are hundreds of variations of a single colour. Always keep in mind that the on-screen colour can look very different depending on your monitor settings. To understand this, you can change the brightness of the monitor to 1 or 2 places, and see how the colour changes. So, we cannot guarantee that the crazy kids socks colour you receive will exactly match what you see on the screen.

Can I Have A Sample Of The Crazy Kids Socks?

Sorry, we do not send samples of our crazy kids socks. Instead, our products are very affordable, which you can buy. In case, if you don’t like our crazy kids socks, you can very well return it back to us within 30 days of purchase, in the original packaging and original condition and claim a refund.

Can I Exchange My Order Instead Of Returning It?

Yes, you can exchange the fun kids socks, and it is very simple too. All you have to do is, send across the exchange items to 127 Bay Street Botany 2019 NSW Australia. For this, first we will issue you a Gift Card (credit note) to your email, according to the value of your product. Using this credit code, you can purchase yourself the correct fun kids socks on our website. But make sure that the products you exchange must be sent within 30 days of purchase and it must be in the original packaging and original condition. If the items you send do not meet these criteria, then your exchange request will be denied.

What Is The Specialty of Your Kids Novelty Socks?

MADMIA’s kids novelty socks are made of 70% natural fibre. Meaning, it is very safe on your kid’s skin, as it is doesn’t contain any chemicals. For some kids with sensitive skin, the polyester socks could be irritating and bring about chafing of the skin. Whereas, our kids novelty socks is softer and more absorbent with lesser or no irritation of the skin. Apart from the material, the right fit and attractiveness is also our speciality. We have a range of socks to suit your various themes like – Piggy Socks, Bunny Socks, Unicorn, Cheetah Socks, Tribal Socks, Funkstar Socks, Disco Socks and lots more to suit your requirements. Our MADMIA socks are lustrous and soft, adding comfort and luxury to your feet, while looking good as new for a long period of time.

Can These Crazy Kids Socks Be Worn With Any Type Of Outfit?

Yes, these sassy long socks for kids can be worn with school uniform, casual jeans and even Princess dress. These kids novelty socks eliminates the need to sort and pair-up well with any sandals, boots, sneakers and formal shoes. These novelty socks could also turn out to be a great gift choice for your loved ones on their birthdays, holidays, Children’s Day etc.

Every kid has a unique personality, and it takes something special to reveal their true self. Our crazy and fun socks for kids will let their true personalities shine all the time when wearing these socks. When you cover those little feet with colourful socks, it makes them feel more fun and not dull and glum. So, stock their wardrobe with crazy socks that are the epitome of coolness to make their little feet seamlessly comfortable.

The bunny socks, fairy dust socks, ice cream socks, unicorn socks, and other silly socks for kids will add a fun touch to any outfit, and they will proudly show it off to their friends and family. These socks are available for both kids and adults so that you can choose one from the fun collection of kids socks to coordinate with the entire family or show each one’s individuality. These colourful socks look better, and you can wear it to liven up any outfit or dress-up for a formal event.

Comfortable and Cute Children’s Novelty Socks

Our Cheeky Cheetah Socks for kids is the most popular fun kids socks and comes with ears and pompoms. Designed by Ambassador Charlotte Hogerzeil, these socks are suitable for kids’ aged six and up. Your daughter will love them as they are luxuriously soft and fit comfortably.

Another hit among our kids’ socks is the Safari Socks. These socks are a mix and match pair and have a leopard and zebra print to give you the feel of an endless safari adventure. The design of these socks is perfectly complemented by the shoelace print and shoe lace topper in pink and yellow.

Check our other collections now to choose the one that perfectly fits your taste and interest. When you select Madmia for cool kids’ socks, you’ll never go wrong with the options available.
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    Easter Baskets & Jelly Beans, It's time for Spring Bunnies and cotton tails, hopping down the bunny tray. Hello hello little bunny!

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    Be a brighter you with a pair of our beautiful Love Hearts Socks. These Socks have a custom made Love Hearts Bows with sparkly wings. Care instruct...

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