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Crazy Socks for Kids to Make them Smile

MADMIA is a Wonderland of crazy kids socks. A Magical Place where you meet all the fun, glitter, colour and smiles in the world ...

Crazy Socks for Kids to Make them Smile

MADMIA is a Wonderland of crazy kids socks. A Magical Place where you meet all the fun, glitter, colour and smiles in the world  ...


Can I Have A Sample Of The Crazy Kids Socks?

Sorry, we do not send samples of our crazy kids socks. Instead, our products are very affordable, which you can buy. In case, if you don’t like our crazy kids socks, you can very well return it back to us within 30 days of purchase, in the original packaging and original condition and claim a refund.

What if the Crazy Kids Socks I get are the wrong size or wrong design?

If your purchased MADMIA product has not be worn or damaged after delivery, you may send it back to us for an exchange.
Please send the items back to us to Unit 2/2a Burrows Road St Peters NSW 2044 along with a note advising your order number and the new requested size/design or the reason for the return/exchange.
Upon receiving your return parcel, we will promptly process your request for a new size or design and dispatch it from our warehouse.

Can These Crazy Kids Socks Be Worn With Any Type Of Outfit?

Yes, these sassy long socks for kids can be worn with school uniform, casual jeans and even Princess dress. These kids novelty socks eliminates the need to sort and pair-up well with any sandals, boots, sneakers and formal shoes. These novelty socks could also turn out to be a great gift choice for your loved ones on their birthdays, holidays, Children’s Day etc.

Every kid has a unique personality, and it takes something special to reveal their true self. Our crazy and fun socks for kids will let their true personalities shine all the time when wearing these socks. When you cover those little feet with colourful socks, it makes them feel more fun and not dull and glum. So, stock their wardrobe with crazy socks that are the epitome of coolness to make their little feet seamlessly comfortable.

The bunny socks, fairy dust socks, ice cream socks, unicorn socks, and other silly socks for kids will add a fun touch to any outfit, and they will proudly show it off to their friends and family. These socks are available for both kids and adults so that you can choose one from the fun collection of kids socks to coordinate with the entire family or show each one’s individuality. These colourful socks look better, and you can wear it to liven up any outfit or dress-up for a formal event.

Comfortable and Cute Children’s Novelty Socks

Our Cheeky Cheetah Socks for kids is the most popular fun kids socks and comes with ears and pompoms. Designed by Ambassador Charlotte Hogerzeil, these socks are suitable for kids’ aged six and up. Your daughter will love them as they are luxuriously soft and fit comfortably.

Another hit among our kids’ socks is the Safari Socks. These socks are a mix and match pair and have a leopard and zebra print to give you the feel of an endless safari adventure. The design of these socks is perfectly complemented by the shoelace print and shoe lace topper in pink and yellow.

Check our other collections now to choose the one that perfectly fits your taste and interest. When you select Madmia for cool kids’ socks, you’ll never go wrong with the options available.

What are crew-length socks?

Crew-length socks cover up a little bit of the ankle while still allowing kids to show their personality with different colours and patterns. These kids novelty socks come in handy when playing sports or any activity involving mobility. Most times, kids will wear these socks when they don't want their feet to feel cold because the fabric is a higher gauge than most children’s socks. Some kids need to wear crew-length socks for medical reasons, like neuropathy or circulation problems, but whatever the reason crew length socks are a good idea if you have small feet or if you need your child's socks to stay put.

Where can I find knee-high socks for kids?

You can find knee-high socks for kids at Madmia as we carry a comprehensive line of kids crazy socks to complement their range of shoes, clothing and accessories. In addition to kids socks, we have an extensive range of cool socks for men, women and children. Besides, we are constantly expanding the assortment of products, and buyers have the opportunity to make their own online shopping lists, so they don't forget anything! We have an extensive collection of silly socks for kids, from bunny socks to mermaid socks, that will add a fun touch to any outfit.

What is the right sock size for my child?

When considering the size of funky childrens socks, it is important to note that the sock size relates to the length of the shoe. To find the right size for your child’s socks, look at their foot and shoe measurements to see what range they fall in, then purchase accordingly. For example, if the children’s feet are 12 inches long and they wear a size four shoe, you would need to buy socks that are 11-13 inches long (depending on how tight you want them to be) or 14-15 inches long (if you want them looser).

The right sock size for your child will depend on the type of foot they have, their shoe size, their age and the sock style. Use our size chart to find out what size is the best fit for your child.

Where can I find kids socks with patterns and designs?

You can find funny childrens socks with cute patterns and designs at Madmia. We have a great selection, including wild animal prints, neon stripes, polka dots, and more. Some popular items are our bunny socks, fairy dust socks, ice cream socks and unicorn socks. The variety we offer allows kids to match their socks to the rest of their outfits or even wear them as part of an ensemble. Our socks start at toddler size, which ranges from 6 months to 4 years old, and then children's sizes which range from 5-13 years old.

Why is finding kids socks difficult?

Kids socks are difficult to find because they come in many different sizes, shapes and colours. How much or how little they stretch also varies. This can make it difficult to find socks that not only fit the child's feet well but their personality as well. So, if you're looking for some socks that would make your kid say wow, here's what you should know:

Crazy kid socks come in unique styles for kids who want something out-of-the-ordinary. These socks might be just what he needs, with patterns like cheetah and unicorn faces. Fun socks for boys such as game socks, robot socks, and more may appeal to his sense of adventure with lots of cool camo prints available! You'll find an assortment of kids bright socks at Madmia, perfect for those who want to show off their fun side!

Do socks have to match?

You'll find plenty of crazy kids socks in fun, bright colours to match any outfit! Your socks don't have to match, but you can always put in some coordinating accessories to help with colour matching. Consider the personality of your child before picking out their cute long socks. Some kids like flashy patterns and crazy colours, while others want more modest designs. Whatever the case, you can find a pair of socks for every kind of personality here at Madmia.

How do I keep my kid's feet warm in cold weather?

It's hard to keep your little one's feet warm in cold weather. However, one of the best ways to keep your kid's feet warm in cold weather is by wearing crazy socks, especially during wintertime. By wearing funny kids socks, you can provide extra warmth for their feet without having to buy other types of footwear. Also, by wearing cute long socks, your children will stay not only warm but also very stylish. With a few pairs of colourful childrens novelty socks in their boots, you can have them jumping and running around in no time. Also, it will make winter that much more fun for them. So, start stocking up now before it's too late!

What do crazy socks for kids look like?

Crazy kids socks are the latest trend in the fashion world! Colourful novelty socks for kids are a hot seller this season, with hilarious patterns and crazy sayings. These socks are an absolute must-have addition to your wardrobe this season. At Madmia, we offer a large selection of silly and funny kids socks in many different styles, colours and lengths to fit the needs of children. Children can find all sorts of novelty kids socks, like ones with kitties on them or red hearts made out of polka dots! Some popular types are unicorn socks, bunny socks, mermaid socks, cheetah socks, and more. No matter what you're looking for, we have a huge selection of kids silly socks that will turn heads. Children's novelty socks come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and we have something for everyone no matter what their interests may be.

Are crazy socks for kids still in style?

Yes, they are trending because they are so well-liked by kids. In fact, you'll be hard-pressed to find anything other than crazy kids socks online. When looking for children's novelty socks, you don't have to do much digging. These days you can find all sorts of crazy kids' novelty socks online! From dinosaurs and giraffes to unicorns and butterflies, there is something out there for any child or toddler that wants a pair of fun shoes.

Crazy kid socks are available in just about every colour and pattern you can imagine. They are the latest rage in fashion, and they come in various shapes and sizes too! There's no wrong way to wear crazy kids' socks, and they're perfect with sneakers or boots, shorts or skirts. But they're also practical because they're cosy, warm, and easy to slip on.

Why should kids wear colourful socks?

Colourful, toddler crazy socks have so many benefits for kids. Some of them are listed below:

  • Wearing colourful socks show their personality and makes them feel confident in themselves.
  • Coloured socks are very practical because the colour reflects individuality and creativity.
  • Colourful socks look great with a whole variety of clothes and shoes so that kids can wear them any time of year with anything.
  • It's really important to be active every day to stay healthy and energised. With that being said, wearing colourful socks will help kids stay more active by giving them the motivation to move around more!

Why are mismatched animal socks popular among kids?

Mismatched animal socks are popular among kids because of their ability to transform a regular outfit into something special. Whether it's fun socks for boys, crazy kid socks, or kids silly socks, mismatched animal socks offer a cute way to brighten up an outfit and show the world that you're having fun. In addition, funny kids socks are great if you want to show off your personality while wearing traditional shoes. They also make a perfect gift for kids who love animals, adventures, superheroes, pirates, and more! For girls who love unicorns and rainbows, we have animal socks with unicorn wings and funky socks with bright rainbow prints. For boys who love dinosaurs or ninjas, we have fun novelty long socks with cool patterns of favourite characters. Most of our silly socks come with unique features such as mermaid tails, bunny ears, butterfly wings, and more.

Where can I buy cheap boys or girls children's socks online?

Madmia has the best selection of cheap children's socks online, with a variety of fun styles and colours to choose from. Check out our crazy kid socks for some laughs and some giggles. Let your little one's feet feel fancy in our bright, colourful socks or show off their personality with one of our funny kids socks or cute long socks. At Madmia, there is something for everyone! It doesn't matter if you're looking for fun socks for boys or girls; we have a variety of kids silly socks at Madmia. Stop by and see what we have in store today!