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What’s The Fuzz about Colourful, Quirky Socks?

White and black socks are a thing of the past. Thanks to the changing trends in fashion. Socks have also evolved over the last few years and become one of the best state-making accessories! You can now wear those colourful, quirky, and wacky pattern socks with your sandals, boots, or any footwear. Why not be the trendsetter instead of the trend follower? You don’t have to be that celebrity to set a new trend in the fashion industry. A girl or boy from next door can also set the trend!

The Trend of Colourful, Wacky Pattern Socks

Colourful, wacky socks, like socks monster, teddy and bear socks, unicorn socks, etc. aren’t just a trending fashion accessory. They’re creative and help you show off your personality while keeping your feet warm and safe. The best part of colourful socks is that anyone can wear them, including women, men, and kids. No matter the age, anyone can wear and flaunt themselves in a matching outfit.

That said, this trend is nothing new. People who don’t like to wear those blacks and whites have been wearing colourful socks way before this has become a cool trend. The only difference is that wearing colourful socks has become more acceptable than it used to be.

These socks are a great icebreaker. Wearing some fun and colourful socks such as socks monster, bow-tiful socks will let others know that you are an innovative, intriguing, and vivacious person.

How to Pull off Colourful, Fun Socks like a Pro

To wear colourful socks you’ll need a couple of basic things. You’ll want to make sure your shoes and outfit match well with each other, but that your socks provide some sort of contrast. You don’t want them to be so bright or colourful that they can’t be used as an accent. They should add some flair without overwhelming anything else.

Pick Your Outfits

With colourful socks as your outfit's focal point, you want to make sure similarly-vibrant colours compliment them. Colours that are two shades away from your sock’s primary colour. For example, if you have yellow or neon orange socks, it works well with red and purple items in your closet. You also want to pick outfits that show off your ankles, bare ankles are best when pairing with fun socks.

Group Your Socks

Grouping your socks by colour scheme is key. There are lots of ways to do it, but when you’re trying out different colours and patterns for an outfit, make sure all your socks in that particular outfit look good together. Make sure they’re part of a larger pattern or even match a belt or purse.

Match Your Shoes

You don’t need an expensive pair of shoes or boots to pull off colored socks. Matching your footwear is just as important. All you need is one nice pair that supports your outfit and colour scheme. A single well-maintained piece of clothing can make all of your outfits look put together and much more expensive than they are.

You've got your colourful socks. So now it's time to put them on and show them off. Wear them with a simple pair of jeans and a plain white T-shirt. Remember that what matters most is that you feel good in what you're wearing and that your confidence shines through more than anything else!

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