Unicorn Socks

Why Are Unicorns a Hit to Your Kiddoes

Kids are always a believer in bedtime stories. They are so imaginative that they easily get in love with the tales of mermaids, dragons and unicorns. These creatures are so colourful that they easily trigger their creativity and imagination. Among the mythical creatures, unicorns have been the best known for their magical features of all time. With its popularity, many kids and pre-teens nowadays love the idea of collecting unicorn designed items such as unicorn shirts, unicorn socks and unicorn leggings.

Why do They Love Unicorns?

A unicorn is a mythical creature which resembles a small horse or a goat. It has a long horn on its head. Unicorns are present in a lot of children's stories and myths. The enchanting beauty of the creature reflects a certain energy of femininity. It symbolises pureness and innocence that mirrors the character of a child.

Unicorn is known for its special capability of magical powers. It is believed that the horn of the unicorn has a healing power that can cure all diseases and illnesses. As many kids show interest in this creature, only a few of them love unicorns because of its healing power. Most of them are not curious about its magical story. They are only attracted to its rainbow colours and its body that has glittering effects. Because of its colourful appearance, many clothing companies took advantage of its popularity and launched various kinds of items including unicorn socks for girls to bring out happy vibes from their patrons.

Unicorn Celebrated of All Ages

The popularity of unicorns are not restricted to kids. Even young professionals show interest in collecting unicorn design merchandise. Their collection ranges from accessories like headbands, bracelets and even bags. Some people also love matching their unicorn designed shirts or clothes with the perfect mermaid socks to show their love for bright colours.

Love for Unicorn Transcends Generations & Cultures

The idea of unicorns serves as a timeless cultural and artistic phenomenon. It has a futuristic fantasy. The colourful idea of the unicorn character always suits any party. Unicorn cakes are ideal for a birthday celebration, colourful cupcakes for special occasions. This unique style of the unicorn can easily incorporate themes via catering.

Coffee establishments are not limiting their brand for having unicorn food and pastel drinks on their menu. It is believed that the idea of having unicorns can bring happy vibes of enjoyment.


Unicorns have always been present in recorded history. They can be found in paintings, religious text and folklore. The unicorn is a representation of pureness, gentleness and innocence. It brings good luck and positive happiness to everyone.
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