The Unicorn and Mermaid Fever – Socks are No Exception

The Unicorn and Mermaid Fever – Socks are No Exception

The fascination for unicorns and mermaids is for centuries, and they are all over cosmetics, bagels, and more. Socks are no exception! Today, mermaid and unicorn socks are everywhere. This obsession over unicorns and mermaids began in ancient times, and now it doesn’t show any signs of settling down. According to a recent research report, unicorns are found to dominate the list of most sought after toys in the past year.

Unicorn Socks

Unicorns symbolise magic, inclusivity, cuteness, hope, innocence, singularity, and more. They have great attracting power and can charm anyone from kids to adults. With ethereal beauty, these immaculate creatures are the symbol of purity and divinity. They are mysterious, detached far away, and endlessly appeal to all. Unicorns hold a fascination for many and represent goodness, happiness and peace. They also represent the hope for all the stardust covered dreams we long for in our lives. It can be envisioned as a way of achieving the purpose of your life. So, why not add them to your cosy socks?

Our flying unicorn socks are a mix and match pair of blue and pink, with polka-dots and a unicorn print. The whole pattern is completed with glittery wings to make you ‘feel’ like you’re flying while dancing.

Mermaid Socks

Mermaids, the legendary sea creature, are presented in almost every culture across the world as beautiful women who have fish tails as the lower half of their bodies, long hair and beautiful voice. These enchanting creatures are truly fascinating and signify how powerful young women can be and stand up for herself. The mermaid’s tail is unique, and it depicts the mermaid’s personality and her feelings. They were celebrated as the bringers of life and fertility.

According to mythology, a mermaid enthusiastically loves with her whole heart and soul. The emotional energy of these creatures is strong, intense, and powerful. Today, the image of mermaids represents the healing of the past and encourages women to stand as powerful as they can be.

Our mermaid socks are for anyone who wants to change the world. These super cute socks are a mix and match pair in blue and pink with a matching scale print to embrace your inner mermaid. The look is completed with frilly tassels that make you feel you are moving and dancing like a mermaid.

Our mermaid vibes socks with frills and 3D wings to stand out in the sea. When you wear our mermaid vibes socks, you can literally feel as a mermaid under the sea, with starfish kisses and secret shells to see.

Looking for mermaid or unicorn socks for girls? We’ve got you covered! Check now for more.
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