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Taking Care of Your Kids’ Socks is Easy! Here’s How

Kids socks tend to get dirty much faster than those worn by adults and they also have more delicate fibres, so keeping them clean and in good condition should be an important part of your child’s laundry routine. Fortunately, there are ways to keep them in great condition for as long as possible. Here are four tips to maintain your kids funky socks:

Wash the Socks with Care:

A dirty sock is a smelly sock. To prevent smells and stains, you’ll want to wash kids socks regularly. But before throwing them in with your regular laundry, make sure you remove them from shoes first (you don’t want those pesky feet marks!) Wash by hand using a small amount of detergent and lukewarm water, rinse thoroughly and squeeze out excess water. Air dry socks on flat surface rather than tumble drying to avoid shrinkage.

Always Buy Socks that Properly Fit:

Although it might sound odd, when it comes to kids and socks, many parents just don’t have a clue of what they should be buying and often purchase ill-fitting options. Never buy socks that are a size or two too big, because they’ll end up bunching around your kids’ ankles and falling down. When you buy clothes for kids, always get them one size bigger. This will allow them plenty of room to grow without looking silly. Buying one-size-fits-most kids funky socks is a good idea, as it will reduce blisters on little feet. It also ensures you won’t have to buy new socks every other month or so.

Remove Debris From Clothing Immediately After Playtime:

After each day of playing outside, be sure to check your child’s clothing for twigs, rocks, leaves or anything else they may have come into contact with while playing. Remove any debris as soon as possible. Chances are if something is stuck on their sock, it isn’t going anywhere fast! You need to make sure that every item has been cleaned properly before allowing your kids to wear it. Additionally, pay special attention to stains or frayed areas where bacteria could hide in clothing.

Trim the Toenails of Your Kids:

Long toenails can damage socks and make them uncomfortable. Trim the toenails of your kids every few weeks so they aren’t cutting into their unicorn long socks. In addition, to prevent fungal growth, make sure the nails are dry when you trim them. Kids might not be able to reach their toes and trim them accurately. So, it’s your responsibility as a parent or caregiver to help your kids maintain their nails.

Children’s socks are prone to spills, stains, and everyday wear and tear. The key is to purchase high quality socks that can withstand the heavy usage. Shop today at Madmiya for some awesome socks that look great and last long.

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