Should You Put Your Baby to Sleep with Socks On?

Should You Put Your Baby to Sleep with Socks On?

Did you know putting your baby to sleep with socks on promotes better sleep? Most toddlers need between 12 and 14 hours of sleep per day. Sleep plays an essential role in the development of young minds. Poor sleeping habits impact alertness and attention, cognitive performance, mood, resiliency, vocabulary acquisition, learning and memory of your children.

A toddler who is short on sleep will swing between being grumpy and hyperactive. It can affect your child’s ability to pay attention and affects their performance in school. So, it’s essential to make sure that your child gets enough sleep. Making your child wear toddler knee high socks while putting them to sleep promotes good sleep and keeps them warm and relaxed.

How Wearing Socks Improves Sleep?

Putting on toddler knee socks as you put your child to sleep improves the blood circulation by opening up the blood vessels in the feet. This releases heat that redistributes throughout the body. This effect of warming up your feet sends a signal to the brain, indicating that it’s time to sleep.

Make your child wear clean, loose-fitting socks as wearing tight socks may compress your blood vessels or nerves. Choosing clean toddler crazy socks for your kids and making them wear them before bed also prevents the build-up of grime and sweat that could result in skin problems. You can also encourage them to wear gloves for their hands to make fall asleep quickly.

Benefits of Sleeping with Socks On

Wearing socks while going to bed not only helps your toddler fall asleep faster, but also provides various health benefits.

  • Socks help your body thermoregulate while sleeping minimising night time hot flashes and night sweats.
  • People with narrow arteries in their feet overreact to cold temperatures, and wearing socks reduces these symptoms.
  • During the cold months of winter, wearing socks protect the natural moisture and prevent dryness.
  • Cold feet can drain the body, and wearing socks promote positive energy flow.

Don’t choose socks that are too thick or not breathable but choose socks made from materials that allow airflow. Also, don’t use electric blankets or heated socks for children as it may cause them to overheat. It’s recommended to dress them in simple, normal socks after a warm bath. Use clean socks and change the pair every day as the sweat can introduce bacteria to your feet. Before putting on the socks, fully dry the feet as it prevents the bacteria build-up that leads to fungal infections.

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