Self-expression and mood-boosting designs have proven to be a winning pair for Australian luxury sock label, MADMIA. MADMIA is a playfully crazy, vividly colourful and unique sock company who specialise in inimitable knee-high socks and accessories.
Founded by Tanja Filipovska, MADMIA has created a revelatory fashion movement among young — and young at heart — consumers, thanks to their dopamine-inducing designs.

Cleverly intersecting the fashion and collectables markets, socks are far from simple for Gen Alpha with the style-it-yourself designs made to be mixed and mismatched.

Featuring a riot of colours and unique patterns and embellished with ears, wings and ribbons, each style is knitted — not printed — and can take up to six factories to assemble, with an emphasis on longevity and quality.
Filipovska known as MADMIA, says she was determined to challenge the cookie-cutter kids wear market in favour of fierce creativity and self-expression.

“I wanted to create a brand that provided a burst of colour in an otherwise sea of grey,”

Filipovska, who is quickly establishing herself as an entrepreneur-to-watch thanks to her innate commercial sensibility, says the global pandemic accelerated a swing among consumers towards brands and products that align with their values of enduring quality, authenticity, community and optimism.

“Young people today view self-expression as a vital form of self-care, and I am passionate about giving them an affordable fashion option to express themselves confidently into the world,” Filipovska says of the socks, which range in size from ages one to 99.

  • MADMIA is our wizard of creativity, conjuring an unending array of fun and innovative ideas that make MADMIA sparkle. With her boundless imagination, sheinfuses a dash of magic in every corner of our world.

  • Maria, our super stellar artist, breathes life into MADMIA with her magical touch, transforming ordinary into extraordinary. She's the magician of design, making every product dazzle with her creative flair.

  • Biljana is our mastermind marketing maestro, bursting with cool ideas and spreading the magic of MADMIA far and wide. With her infectious enthusiasm and sparkling smile, she turns every interaction into a delightful story.

  • Mila is our numerical ninja, navigating the complex world of numbers to keep MADMIA's accounts perfectly balanced. She transforms the seemingly mundane world of numbers into a thrilling adventure, adding up to a whole lot of fun.

  • Stasha, our brand maestro extraordinaire, ensures the rhythm of MADMIA resonates far and wide. With her big ideas and super-organization skills, she keeps MADMIA shining brighter than a shooting star in the brand universe.

  • Natasha, our spectacular sales supernova, guides every customer to their perfect MADMIA product. She's our very own sales detective, always ready to crack the case and find the perfect match for every MADMIA enthusiast.

  • Elena, our sensational sales superstar, uses her Midas touch to ensure every customer finds their perfect MADMIA treasure. She's our shopping fairy godmother, transforming every shopping experience into a delightful adventure.

  • Introducing Natalie and Sara, our dynamic duo of orders packing! They're the masters of wrapping, packing, and stacking, ensuring our MADMIA goodies reach you safe and sound. They're like the superheroes of the shipping world, always making sure your order is packed with care and love.

  •  Meet Andrew, the corporate captain of MADMIA! He's in charge of making sure that all parts of our company run like a well-oiled machine. Andrew is like a genius,using his smarts to solve any problem that comes his way. With his kind heart and helpful nature, he makes sure that everyone at MADMIA is happy and doing their best work.



At MADMIA we thrive to bring happiness and joy through our socks and apparel, which is why we believe you are the perfect fit for our growing brand.

We are so thrilled to have you on board to represent us!


  • The applicant will be considered a promotional representative of MADMIA and you may potentially be publicly advertised as a ‘face’ of our brand
  • Ambassadors will be able to use a special Ambassador discount code to access 30% off all MADMIA products on our website for personal use only
  • Ambassadors will be given a separate Ambassador linked discount code to share with family & friends for them to access 25% off all MADMIA products on our website
  • Plus MORE!

    To redeem your 30% discount on, at checkout please use coupon code: MM2024Y.
    This discount code is for your personal use only and does not require a minimum spend.
    The voucher is not redeemable for cash and is subject to terms of use.
    This voucher cannot be used on sale items or in conjunction with any other offers.
    Shipping cost is NOT eligible for discount when using this code.
    This code is valid for your personal use for 3 months only from the date your application is accepted.
    Misuse of this code, by way of sharing it with others, or purchasing products that are not for personal use, will result in immediate termination of your Ambassador contract.


The applicant will remain exclusive to MADMIA during the term of your MADMIA Ambassador contract.
This means no other sponsorship/ modelling or ambassador role/s for any other socks related companies, brands, or sites will be allowable.
Failure to comply may mean the immediate withdrawal of your role & privileges as a MADMIA Ambassador.

We would like to encourage our Ambassadors to wear MADMIA Socks and promote them as soon as possible.

The applicant will endorse MADMIA, by wearing our socks when appropriate and endorse at least twice a week on various forms social media, including but not limited to; Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and TikTok.

Please remember to appropriately tag us #madmia #madmiaambassador @madmiaofficial on your MADMIA posts (Please follow our Instagram Page for inspiration).
If you do not have a social media platform, please feel free to send us weekly photos of you wearing our socks to

MADMIA’s marketing team will be in regular communication with Ambassador’s that may need further assistance or are seen to not be fulfilling the expectations as a MADMIA Ambassador.
As a selected representative of MADMIA, it is expected that MADMIA Ambassador’s:

  • Do their best to represent the MADMIA brand in a way that is fun, happy and inline with MADMIA’s brand values
  • Be a good public role model and treat other MADMIA fans with respect and courtesy
  • Promote the MADMIA brand via social media at least twice per week
  • Not endorse any other socks / accessory brands, on any form of social media, public advertising or word of mouth
  • Invite their friends and family to like and follow MADMIA on our social media platforms
  • Spread MADMIA love and also let your family & friends that you are an official MADMIA Ambassador
  • We at MADMIA would love your help to grow our social media platform in any way you can by spreading the word about our fun, colourful, crazy socks! Any recommendations and/or referrals you can offer are greatly appreciated.


Here is the super EXCITING part about being a MADMIA Ambassador....

Help promote MADMIA to your friends & family and you could become a part of the MADMIA dream team! By promoting MADMIA products, Ambassador’s will be rewarded!

All you need to do is spread the MADMIA love to your family and friends and get them to use enter your special family & friends discount code on checkout while shopping on

Please note that the family & friends discount code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or promotional codes. You are not permitted to use this code yourself; this code is exclusive to your family, friends and followers.
Any refunds or returns placed from a family & friends order will not count towards the rewards points program.

You will be able to see how many times your code has been used, once you login in in our Ambassadors program.


You can promote your family & friends code on your social media and by sharing the MADMIA social website details ( and social media links to encourage family & friends to use the code.





Parents/Guardians of the Ambassador can also help if they choose by promoting and sharing your MADMIA family & friends code to their network as well!


We would love if you can help us spread the love promote MADMIA.
If there are any upcoming dance competition, local market, school or cool community event in your area, please let us know.
We are more than happy to have you as MADMIA Representative there for a day and we are always super grateful for this additional type of promotion.
As such we generally support the Ambassadors with additional incentives and rewards for helping spread the MADMIA love!
This includes Crazy Hair and Socks days at school or at the parent
s/guardian’s workplace.

For further information please ask your parents to contact us on


This contract does not represent an employment contract and is not a paid agreement.
  1. By participating you give us permission to repost any MADMIA content sent to us, and/or used on social media during the term.
  • Any images posted on social media wearing MADMIA need to be authorised by a legal parent or guardian who has full ownership of the account.
  • This contract is no longer valid if there is insufficient communication from you during the Ambassador term


  • All sales to be included in the MADMIA Ambassador Rewards Program must be completed using your special family & friends code to be valid. Any sale that does not include the use of this code will not be counted. Total sales is based on product purchased only and does not include postage and handling.
  • Please note, your Rewards Program sales tally will be reset back to 0 points/sales at the beginning of each 3 month period.
  • MADMIA photoshoot events announced on our social media pages are not free of charge for Ambassadors. Discount codes do not apply to photoshoots due to the high production costs for these events.
  • This contract is valid for 3 months from the date signed by the applicant’s parent or guardian. If you should wish to break your contract you may do so in writing by emailing

    The contract can be extended after 3 months based on your performance as MADMIA Ambassador and your preference to continue. If you wish to continue, we would like to hear back from you in writing after your contract has finished.


    Please understand we are unable to share all images on our social media channels due to the large number of photos or quality of images received. For the best chance of exposure on our social media, please follow our Instagram Page for inspiration!



      1. The parent/legal guardian and MADMIA Ambassador consent to MADMIA broadcasting & recording (by photographs, films, tape or otherwise) the ambassadors participation in all MADMIA activities for use throughout the world, with no limitations on time.

      2. All rights in the broadcasting & recording materials, including copyright therein and ownership of the physical materials (negative, tapes, film), shall be MADMIA’s exclusive property. MADMIA shall have the right to make and publish copies of the said broadcasting and recording, including the right to use the Ambassadors’ name in relation to MADMIA’s related activities only.

      3. In case of emergency at a MADMIA Photoshoot or MADMIA event where the Ambassador is in attendance, I authorise for MADMIA to seek medical assistance where necessary, and I agree to cover any medical costs incurred. I acknowledge that MADMIA shall not be liable for any injury sustained by the Ambassador or other patron whilst participating in any activities related to MADMIA.