It’s always a happy day when you wear a new pair of socks! From their earliest models made from animal skin and worn around the ankles, socks have evolved from the drab to fab. Today crazy kids socks come in quirky patterns and bright colours that make them go well with any outfit. At Madmia, we offer a wide range of fun socks for kids available in a variety of fabrics, styles and lengths including low-cut, ankle and knee-highs.

Every kid has a unique style and personality, and adding crazy fun socks to their wardrobe reveals their true personalities. It makes them feel more fun and elevates their mood. There are bunny socks, fairy dust socks, ice cream socks, unicorn socks, and other fun socks for kids that adds more fun to the kid’s outfit. You can allow them to choose the socks of their choice with their favourite unicorn print, ice cream, patterns, and more. Our most popular crazy socks designs are ideally sized for kids & teens but can fit ages six to ninety-nine. Madmia has some groovy socks designs for adults too.


Madmia socks are available in various themes including,

  • Piggy Socks
  • Bunny Socks
  • Unicorn Sock
  • Cheetah Socks
  • Tribal Socks
  • Funkstar Socks
  • Disco Socks
  • Ice cream socks
  • Dog socks
  • Dinosaur socks
  • Frog socks and more.

When your kids wear these socks, it gives the world a glimpse of their wild and crazy side. Whether you choose the bold or classic style, these crazy kids socks complete their look and complement their outfit. The best sellers in our collection are bunny socks that are custom made with fluffy ears, piggy socks with velvety wings, cheeky cheetah with spongy ears, skatercorn socks with wings, mini pony socks with spongy wings, elephant socks with cute little ears, flying unicorns and flamingos with beautiful wings, and more. All our socks are made with 70% Cotton, 15% Nylon, 13% Polyester and 2% Spandex for elasticity and durability. They offer the maximum comfort and allowing you to style them in your own creative way.

Kids’ Novelty Socks

Madmia’s kids novelty socks are made from 70% natural fibre and don’t contain any chemicals. So, it will not irritate your kid’s skin. They are soft, more absorbent, and comes with the right fit for any age group. They are lustrous, soft, and add more comfort and luxury to their feet.

Our cute collection of fun socks with funky prints can be worn almost every day for any occasion. They are long-lasting and make a great gift for your loved ones too.