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Why Spiders Are Popular Designs in Animal Socks Australia

Spiders are generally harmless. They are usually just protective of their own territories, but there are a few that you should keep your eyes up on. Countries like Australia have some of the most dangerous spiders and it will only help you if you get to know some of them.

Sydney Funnel-Web Spider

Starting the list with the most venomous, the Sydney funnel-web spider is seen around Australia but feared around the world. The general population of Sydney funnel-web spiders can be found living in South Wales. These spiders can grow from 1.5cm to 3.5cm in leg span. The fear people have for it does not come from it’s size, rather to the fact that its fangs can grow longer than that of a brown snake. These fangs are known to have been able to pierce through toenails. The venom of the males of these species attacks the nervous system and organs.

Redback Spider

This list will not be complete without the Redback spider. This spider’s iconic redback is most commonly known for its classification, widow spider. Black widows are highly venomous and usually hide in sheltered places. This means that they’re even closer to people. It’s common to find this spider species in cupboards, mailboxes, and even shoes. Imagine being saved by your cute animal socks, the type of animal socks Australia commonly have available.

Black widows are responsible for most of the spider bites in Australia with over 2000 confirmed cases every year. However, there’s not a lot to worry about as most medical institutions offer perfectly viable anti venoms. You might still want to keep your funny animal socks on while wearing your shoes to make sure you avoid the deadly bite of the Black Widow.

Trap Door Spider

The most creative spider in this list is the Trap Door Spider. They dig burrows and camouflages the entrance to trick its target into falling inside or to come close enough for it to take a bite. Although unless you’re a small bug, the last thing you have to be concerned about is their trap doors. Luckily, these spiders’ bites can only cause minor symptoms like nausea and slight pain in the bitten area.

Mouse Spider

Mouse spiders aren’t the most dangerous in this list and a lot of the fear people have for it stems from the way it looks. Just like Trap Door spiders, this species also likes to stay in burrows. They can be most commonly found near waterways.

They’re generally docile. This works in people’s favor as their venom is just as potent and dangerous as the Sydney Funnel-Web spider. They are also nocturnal and prefer to wander during the night time and have a diet mainly composed of insects and small frogs.

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