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Maintain Your Kids’ Crazy Socks with these 4 Simple Tips

Crazy socks aren’t just a fashion accessory, but a necessity for your kids. Bright and colourful socks draw a lot of attention, so it is necessary that you take care of them in the best way possible. Besides proper maintenance, investing in high quality crazy socks Australia from recognised brands are important too. To make your kid’s socks last longer, follow these 4 useful tips:

Safe and Proper Washing

Probably one of the biggest reasons why socks wear out soon (especially the low-quality ones) is not following the appropriate washing instructions. First of all, refrain from dry cleaning your socks. Second, don’t use harsh chemical products on clothes that are as sensitive as a pair of socks. Before washing, separate the laundry first. Wash your socks only with the clothes of the same colour.

Using bleach can meddle with the moisture-wicking capabilities of the sock. Use a mild soap instead. Always remember to wash the socks inside out, so that it can properly get rid of sweat on the inside. Never wash dance socks in hot water. Cold wash will prevent the colour of the socks from bleeding.

Right Size of Socks (and Shoes)

Even though several brands offer socks that are “one size fits most”, pay attention to how comfortable they are for your kids. When the socks are too small, it can likely get holes from the toes. And if it’s too big for your kids, it would be relatively hard for them to use.

The size of your shoes is worth considering too. If the shoes are too small, you may notice that the top/side portion of the socks would gradually wear out. If too big, the shoes will rub the backs of the socks.

Drying of Socks

Laying the dance socks flat is better than hang drying them. Hanging can adversely impact its elasticity. Never twist or squeeze the socks to get the water out of it. This will help retain its shape. If you are considering to iron your socks, don’t! Heat is socks’ worst enemy, and hot iron can interfere with their stretch properties. The next time you are about to iron your cloths, don’t forget to keep away your kids’ socks!

Trim Your Kid’s Toenails:

Experts can't emphasize this enough. The life of your socks can be extended tremendously just by periodically trimming your kid’s toenails. Yes, it sounds weird, but the truth is that it immensely reduces the chances of creating a hole in your sock. The sock fabric is quite soft, and a sharp toenail can get through it.

So, there you have it; four simple, yet effective tips to keep your kids’ socks stylish and attractive as ever. Caring for the crazy socks for kids isn't rocket science after all!

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