Toddler’s Knee High Socks

How to Keep Your Toddler’s Knee High Socks in Good Shape

Socks are a necessary clothing accessory for kids. Bright and colourful socks catch the eye, so it’s important to care for them properly. Not to mention investing in high quality sock brands from recognised shops will help your kid draw a lot of attention with this cool accessory. Follow these tips to keep the toddler knee high socks for kids in top shape.

Wash with Care:

Washing socks correctly is very important. Firstly, make sure you look at the washing instructions, if any, provided by the manufacturer. Some materials that may be used to make socks can possibly get damaged when washed using harsh chemical products. It’s best to wash them separately from other fabrics such as sweaters for example, because some colours tend to bleed onto others.

Washing your socks inside out helps ensure that you get rid of sweat while also keeping the outside look good. Bleach is never good for socks, so it's best to only wash with soap instead. Don’t use hot water to wash the knee high socks for kids, because the colours may bleed and they can get ruined. Washing in cold water will help preserve the sock quality for longer!

Proper Drying is Just as Important:

The best way to dry the socks out after washing would be laying them flat instead of hanging them up. Hanging them for too long could cause the fibres within the socks to degrade, thereby ruining their elasticity. Socks should never be squeezed or twisted in order to remove excess water or moisture from them. Squeezing repeatedly can affect the sock’s shape. Be sure not to use an iron on your damp socks either! Doing so will impact the stretch properties of the material.

Make Sure the Socks Fit Perfectly:

If you want to be sure that your child’s feet and toes will remain comfortable and free from injury, buy them a nice pair of toddler knee high socks that fit them comfortably. There’s no point in buying socks if they feel too tight or too loose on your kids’ feet, as this is where the problems tend to arise.

A good way of determining which size is best for your child is by using a measuring tape – measure your child's foot and calf and this will give you a rough idea. Buying “One Size Fits Most” socks is good too, but be sure that your child can use them without hassles. If the sock is too small, it could potentially damage the material sooner, and if it is too large, wearing shoes will be uncomfortable for the user every single time.

Now that you know how to care for your kids' fashionable toddler socks Australia, you can breathe a sigh of relief! It's not hard at all to make the necessary effort for keeping their cute socks look great.

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