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Buying a New Pair of Socks? Look For these 5 Qualities

Socks are necessary items for kids and adults alike, but finding the right sock can be difficult. As it turns out, there are several qualities that make one sock better than another. In fact, choosing the wrong sock can actually be harmful to your feet and legs. Take a look at these four qualities of a good pair of JoJo socks to find out how to choose the right socks for you.

Premium Quality Material:

Of course, all socks need to be made with quality material. But if you’re going to invest in socks, consider getting ones that are high-quality and made with materials like cotton and spandex. They tend to hold up better than others over time and can even keep your feet feeling soft. Allergic reactions on your foot are not fun. There are special varieties that wick moisture away from your skin quite well!

Doesn’t Stretch Out After First Wear:

When shopping for new JoJo socks, choose a pair that doesn’t stretch out after being worn for just one day. You want to make sure your sock stays in place throughout your entire workday and doesn’t slip or wrinkle. The best socks are made from good materials like cotton and won’t immediately lose their shape after each wear. Stock up on enough pairs, so you don’t have to wash them every night before bed.

Comfortable Next to Skin and in Shoes:

Comfortable socks shouldn’t bunch up or feel too thick or thin. They should be comfortable against your skin, especially if you wear them directly next to your feet all day. And they should fit snugly in your shoes, so they don’t slip and slide around, causing blisters and abrasions. Choose cotton blends with just enough stretch to accommodate bumps and bunions without feeling restrictive.

Supportive But Not Too Tight:

While they’re designed to hug your feet, your socks shouldn’t feel like they’re squeezing off circulation or causing uncomfortable indentations. Ideally, you should be able to slip them on and off without feeling like your toes are caught in a vice. It might take some trial and error to find out which brand is most comfortable for you and what features you really need. Do you prefer plain-colour socks or crazy socks for boys with cool designs? Do your feet tend to get cold easily? These can all factor into your decision.

Breathes Well but Doesn’t Get Stinky:

The inside of your shoe gets stinky when bacteria build up, and that’s where socks get stinky. It’s important to find a pair of socks made with moisture-wicking fabrics. In order to keep your feet from getting clammy, look for socks made with these materials.

Although they may seem simple and overlooked, socks can be one of the most important items in your wardrobe. If you want to keep your/your kids’ feet warm and dry, invest in a good pair of socks with crazy sock designs right away.

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