Silly Socks for Toddlers – Quality & Price

If you have a toddler, you’d agree that no outfit is complete without a pair of toddler socks. It’s high time to collect a wide range of affordable and quality toddler knee high socks for your girls and boys. All our collections are comfortable to wear and goes well with almost any outfit...

Our fluffy & crazy boys toddler socks and silly & sassy girls toddler socks with cool prints are perfect for sport too. These socks would keep your toddler warm and fashionable during the winter months. These socks are the perfect addition to your wardrobe if you are a fan of super stylish miniature dresses, jumpers, and skirt that offer a cosy look. It creates a truly unique, photo-worthy look!

Dress Your Toddler’s Feet – Toddler Crazy Socks

At Madmia, we’ve got every colour and style possible to make your toddlers feet happy. Our unique toddler crazy socks collections include, Piggy Socks, Bunny Socks, Boys Socks, Cheeky Cheetah Socks, Fairy Dust Socks, Monster Socks, Glitz N Glam Socks, Colour Run Socks, Sunset Socks, Cat Socks, Skatercorn Socks, Mini Pony Socks, Dog Socks, Superhero, Elephant Socks, Happy Unicorn Socks, Dinosaur Socks, Flying Unicorn Socks, Safari Socks, Unicorn Socks, and Mermaid Socks.

Our Mermaid toddler knee high socks are a mix and match pair in blue and pink colours. It also comes with a matching scale print to allow you to explore your inner mermaid. A tail-like tassel completes the unique and makes your toddler move and dance like a little mermaid.

Madmia elephant socks is a top-seller in our collection, and people go crazy over the cute and soft custom-made elephant ears on the sides. These socks are circus-inspired and specially made with a great love for your kids. These socks are available for adults too.

Find more picture-worthy statement socks at Madmia!

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