It’s super easy for kids to get carried away playing video games, watching Youtube or even binging Netflix all day during isolation. But, spending time outdoors and in nature is actually said to be one of the fastest ways to improve your overall health and happiness. So, here are a few fun ideas to get your daily dose of vitamin D.

Go Walking

Did you know brisk walking improves heart health, reduces the likelihood of cancer and chronic diseases, delays ageing, enhances mood, boosts immunity and speeds up digestion? But why make it boring? Add amazing podcasts, wear your favourite crazy long socks and show it off to your friends as you reap the benefits of walking.

Bike Rides

Encourage your kids to go on regular bike rides as it has many health benefits, including strengthening your lungs, improving mental health, increasing joint health, flexibility, and more. It’s not only a great favour to Mother Earth, but also you’ll feel amazing afterwards. You can spice up the situation by wearing the right crazy socks for girls that make a fashion statement without getting excessively sweaty feet.

Don’t Forget the Skateboard

Do you want to get better every day and have a lot of fun at the same time? Discover your inner skater by learning how to skate. You can go skating thirty minutes a few days in a week to help you perfect your skills on the skateboard. You can wear fun, crazy socks for boys and girls to add more fun to your learning.